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Here at CatSnip we pride ourselves on being sure your pet receives the best treatment! We love to hear from happy clients and their fur babies. If you would like to share your story, please feel free to give us a shout at info@projectcatsnip.com, or visit us on our Facebook page. There’s a good chance you may end up on this page!



My baby boy Nolan was neutered by CatSnip on Tuesday in Conyers and he is doing remarkably well.  I am so grateful to the ladies who took care of my kitty and took the time to explain everything to me.  Because of that information and the fact I followed that information, Nolan is healing and relatively happy.  Well, he’s not so happy with that e-collar but that’s understandable!  In a couple weeks he will have forgotten all about it. =) Another reason I’m writing is to let you know you have a fantastic team.  I have yet to meet anyone working for CatSnip who doesn’t love kitties just as much as I do.  I live on a fixed income and it means so much to me that I can get my cats the care they need at a reduced rate.  I am a strong advocate for spaying and neutering and, with CatSnip’s locations and prices, there are no excuses for not getting it done.  ”

Today was my first experience with CatSnip, I am very impressed and thankful for the staff and the Vet for everything they do! Everything was explained in full to everyone, the staff was very nice, honest, and caring. One of my cats was not able to have her surgery due to a concern with her eyes, the staff was very honest with me about the risks and we decided together that we would need to postpone her surgery until after she sees a specialist. I will definitely use Catsnip again and would highly recommend their services to anyone! My other three babies that were fixed today are resting now but doing great! Thank you all so much for your work, kindness and everything you do! You are all awesome!”

We just wanted to thank your for your services today. Porch kitty “Grover” is doing well this afternoon. Without your services we would not have been able do our part in reducing the feral population. As soon as the weather warms we will release him back to his WILD life. I know he will be back demanding food on our front porch but never allowing us to touch him.”

I am so thankful to the wonderful people that work at Project CatSnip. I have brought many rescued strays to them. The staff is always caring and helpful. The work that they do to help the feline community is priceless. The staff is selfless in their commitment to improving the lives of all cats and helping to reduce the stray population thru spay and neutering.
Thank you so much for all y’all do!”

e took our Goldie to CatSnip for her spay and shots. They were efficient, polite, good-humored and kind. All of the instructions for the process, after care and follow-up for shots were explained carefully and clearly. I recommend them to anyone in a heart beat.”